1. What we do

Established on 2003, Bobbles Artwork Inc. is one of the longest standing personalized bobblehead company in Canada. We provide shoppers with a broad online selection of distinctive bobbleheads in various themes. In the past decade, we have been providing customers with thousands of funny and unique bobbleheads which are custom made for both corporate promotions and individuals’ gifts. In the new decade, our mission is “Keep winning our customers’ big smiles with the little smiling bobbleheads”

2. Our products

We hold ourselves to a rigorous standard in terms of material selection, item sculpture and finishing treatment.


While most of the other bobble head suppliers use the cheap synthetic resin to make bobbleheads, we insist on using high quality eco-friendly polymer clay as raw material. The difference between polymer clay and synthetic resin is listed below

Polymer Clay Synthetic Resin
Color Bright Colors are painted, flat and easy to turn dark (oxidation)
Durability Material is the color, durable Colors are painted, the finished color will be effected by the base color (light brown) so, looked darker than the applied pigment
Bobblehead Proofs colorful proofs (colors of skin, hair and eyes are visible). It's easy to see if the head looks like the real person Light brown proof (colors of skin, eyes and hair are unavailable at proof) It's hard to say if the head looks like the real person

bobblehead proof 1 bobblehead proof 1
Proof from Bobbles Proof from other suppliers

Sculptures process

There are three types of sculpture processes in the bobble head industry. We use the 1st process for urgent orders and the 2nd one for general orders.

The best one is 1 step process which makes the bobblehead from the head to toe in only one step. It will allow you to see the whole item result at the very first proofing, thus there will be no back and forth proofing. Very convenient and time saving. This sculpture workmanship is only available in Bobbles.ca because it requires very advanced sculpture technique.

1 step proof bobblehead

1 step proofing – Modifiable from head to toe

The second one is two steps sculpture. Just as its name implies, we make the body and face at the first step and send you the proofs. The whole head with hair will be send at the second step after customer’s approval one the face proofing. Both the one step and two step sculpture workmanship are for polymer clay sculpture.

2 steps bobblehead proofing 1 2 steps bobblehead proofing 2
First proofing – Modifiable Second proofing –hair is modifiable

The last one is resin sculpture. It’s two steps too, but no color available at the first proofing. It means you have to give your approval even there is no chance to see the details. In some cases, details like mole, freckle or wrinkles on face in very important to reflect one’s face feature. But it’s invisible at resin sculpture. Once your approval is given at the first proof, it will be fixed and no chance to make any modification. The second step will be the color painting on which you will see the colored result.

resin Proof 1 resin Proof 2
Fist proofing - Modifiable Second proofing – Unmodifiable

Finishing treatment

In Bobbles.ca, the custom bobblehead you get will be very different from what you get from the other suppliers. The reason is that we take the material and finishing treatment very seriously. We judge ourselves not only according to the smile on our bobbleheads’ cute little faces, but also by the great big smile on our customer's faces when they open the box and reveal their own personal masterpiece. We take this into practice by rigorous material selection and optimized finishing treatment. With the high standard, all the bobbleheads are baked at strict time and temperature control. Thus the products are actually brighter and more 3D likeness than those from other suppliers.

bobblehead 3D effect 1 bobblehead 3D effect 1
Superman bobblehead made by Bobbles.ca Superman bobblehead made by other supplier

3. Service and art team

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customer service team is well trained in term of service quality and sculpture knowledge. They work together with the artists in the art work shop, so you will always receive prompt and courteous pre-sales and after sales service. Talent artists and superb customer service is the soul of Bobbles. We only hire the candidate who meets our rigorous skill standards and likes sculpture jobs. We pay our decent wage and provide them with pleasant work environment. They work happily and concentrate on making the artworks and serving the customers professionally. We all believe that if our customers love the custom bobbleheads we provide, they will recommend Bobbles to the other loved ones and friends. This is why we go the extra mile to meet all your needs, making sure every detail is captured and sculpt it with full heart. One of the differences between Bobbles and other bobblehead supplier is that, our bobbleheads are sculpted in a joyful art work shop while others are made in the stressful factory work shop. In this spirit, your bobble will be good and vivid – every time.

4. Shopping system

As we have made over 100,000 customized bobbleheads, the shopping system is elaborately designed based on the long standing service. Our IT team is always working hardly on improving the site if there are any inconveniences caused by the system. When we expand the product line or enhance the shopping system, it’s because we are responding to input from frequent surveys from which we clearly know what the customers expect.

shopping system

5. Logistics

Safety transportation is the priority of our logistic service. All the items will be wrapped by soft resilient PE Foam and packed in a foam protected hard box. In this way, there will be no chance to make the bobblehead broken. Other than safety, quick delivery is another advantage of Bobbles.ca, all the package will be sent by DHL or FedEx express. It will arrive at your door in 3-4 working days once it’s dispatched.

Ship bobblehead via DHL Ship bobblehead via FedEx

6. Our Guarantee

We proudly offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. All of the bobbleheads are sculpted by skilled artists. Once it’s done, a complete proof will be sent to you by email. More than 90% of our customers like the outcome and give their approvals. Even though, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, we will make the modification as per your comments. If there were any dissatisfaction after baking (when there is no chance for revision), you will be allowed to cancel the order and get a full refund.

100% guarantee