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Details:This bobble head features a baby in Christmas style pajamas and playing with a colorful rubber ball. Details like moose figure on the shirt and snow-like base are elaborately craved by the skilled artists. If you make your babyís lovely face atop this body, he/she will 100% love to see the bobbing head moving anxiously atop. It will be cherished and kelp by your kid for a life time. Just simply click the grey button below and submit the photos, ... more info

Details:This Christmas father bobble head depicts a man attired in velvet decorated Christmas outfit and black boots. In a pose of ringing the jingo bell and taking a big sack of gifts, it stands 7 inched tall. The artist has carved all the details like Christmas tree and patch on bag. All you need to do is just submitting a photo of your beloved. Donít forget to pick a smiling photo. The artist will make his delightful face bobbing nicely on the ... more info

Details:This sexy girl bobblehead depicts a good figured girl in sexy Ms Santa costume and taking a magic wand on a snowdrift-like base. In the pre-made body, details like velvet on the cuff and hem are elaborately crafted by the artists in Bobbles. If you make your sexy friends happy face on this body, she will definitely get excited at the very first glance. Itís not only a funny and personalized gift but also a gift deserves love and cherishing. Your ... more info

Details:This bobble head is a cool and personalized gift idea to honor your banker or broker friend for his intense and highly stressful profession. It features a smart man in black suit and wearing black tie showing his revenue cash to the customers. Details like the graphs on the money and the buttons on the suit are delicately crafted by the light handed artists. If you make it a joke gift to a stockbroker or banker, he will be stunned by the great ... more info

Details:Whee, this bobblehead is terrific!! Featuring a man in blue basketball uniform and passing a ball through the legs, he looks like an old hand. The details like the sneakers laces are carefully carved by the light handed artists. If your friend is a NBA fan and or like the fancy basketball, this item is great to resemble his face. Just send us the photos, the experienced artist will sculpt a head with detailed likeness and assemble it on this ... more info

Details:A bass player plays a very important role in a band for his contribution to the low bit background rhythm. If you want to celebrate the bassist in your favorite music band, this customized bassist will definitely make him thrilled. It features a boy in punk style cloths and playing a bass excitedly. With the photo you provide, the bobble artists in our art shop will make a one-and-only funny gift for your favorite bassist. Itís full of fun and ... more info


Details:Bicycling is a very interesting exercise for many people. It could be a great weekend activity, a fun way to see the world or an eco-friendly mode of transportation. If there is a cyclist in your life, this personalized biker bobble head is perfect to resemble his face. By sending us a helmet picture, we can even have it customized for him only. Itís a fantastic Christmas or birthday gift for your favorite cyclist.

Details:If your friends like to work out or have a perfect strong figure, this customized muscle man bobble head is an ideal gift to resemble his smiling face. Just send us a photo, the artist will capture the facial features of the strong man and make the likeness on the big size head. Itís a thrilling personalized gift for body builders or fitness trainers.

Details:If this personalized baker bobble head reminds you of someone in your life, it will be a funny personalized gift for him. Depicting a man in diaper and taking a long load of French bread and sitting awkwardly on a grey base. Itís ideal joke gift for the men who works in bakery or loves French breads.

Details:If he likes filming or is a cameraman, this personalized cameraman bobblehead is a great gift to resemble his smiling face. It features a man in blue shirt and beige shirts carrying a camera on his shoulder. Details like the ropes and waist bag are finely crafted by the skillful hands. With the photo you provide, the skilled artists will make it into a funny personalized gift for your favorite camera buddy.

Details:Celebrate your love for one another, as well as their love for the romantic journey with this personalized couple in car bobblehead. It features a loving couple sitting joyfully in a red roadster on their way to the beautiful resort. If you make it to resemble you favorite coupleís smiling face, it will become a funny and unique personalized anniversary gift. Just easily submit the clear photos, all the fine craftsmen works will be covered by ... more info

Details:If you are looking for a whimsical gift for your loved dentist, this personalized dentist bobblehead is perfect to resemble his face. Just upload a photo and tell us your idea, our artist will uses the colorful clays to sculpt his smiling face in a comical way. Itís a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift for your favorite dental professional. Amazingly, it also functions as teeth brush holder.

Details:It could be a tricky task to choose a funny yet meaningful gift for your boss or manager. With this personalized executive bobble head, it will become a piece of case. It features a man in smart black business suit and taking a briefcase in hand. With the photo you provide, our talented artist will make a personal and whimsical artwork to surprise him. Itís a fabulous birthday or Christmas gift for your smart superior.

Details:If you want to say thanks to your favorite teacher, professor, or principal, this personalized female teacher bobblehead will make lasting funny impression. It features a woman taking a book on one hand and an apple on the other hand. One is the symbol of knowledge the other is the stuff that hits Newtonís insight to the universal gravitation. If you make it to resemble your favorite woman teacherís face, she will be thrilled by you funny and ... more info


Details:Kung fu is a type of oriental martial arts got famed for Chinese masters like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. If there is a kung fu buddy in your life, donít miss the chance to surprise him with this personalized funny kung fu master bobblehead. Featuring a man taking a stick to practice the secret moves from Shaolin, it will make your buddy looked like a peerless kung fu master. Itís nice personalized birthday or Christmas gift for the material ... more info

Details:There must be a warrior in your life. He insists being righteous and brave even facing difficulties. He could be your father, husband or boyfriend. Want to show your appreciation to this hero with something funny and meaningful? If yes, this customized warrior bobble head is perfect to bear his likeness. He will be amazed by the likeness and detailing carved by the talented artists in Bobbls CA.

Details:A police officer is a brave person who puts his life on the line for the community they love. Want to express your appreciation for his contribution to the society? If yes, this personalized policeman bobblehead is second to none to make him impressed. It features a police officer in summer uniform and taking a cap under his arm. If you make to resemble his smiling face, the little bobble guy will earn a huge smile from him.

Details:If there is a scooter buddy in your life, this personalized scooter rider bobble head is perfect gift to resemble his smiling face. It features a man in white shirt and blue jean riding a yellow scooter. With the photo you supply the finest artist will create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork featuring your beloved on a yellow scooter. Itís a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift to surprise you scooter buddy.


Details:If there is a basketball fan or player in your life, this personalized basketball bobblehead is a nice gift to resemble his face. It depicts a man in red basketball uniform and taking a ball with single handedly. Details like the band on the wrist and the ball on hand are exquisitely crafted by the super skilled bobble artists. Itís ideal personalized gift for a basketball boy friend or husband. The recipient will be thrilled when he see the ... more info

Details:Bowling is a type of leisure indoor sport for young and old. For this reason, itís a nice activity for friend to hang out. If there is a bowling buddy in your life, this personalized bowing bobblehead is perfect to resemble his face. It depicts a man in blue shirt, denim jeans and blowing shoes, taking a blowing ball to knock the pins. If you make it bearing the likeness of your friend, he will be deeply impressed by such a funny bowling gift.

Details:This bobble head features a shirtless boxer in black boxing shorts and vibrant reddish boxing gloves standing toughly on a green base. Details like strong muscles on the body and brims on the gloves are delicately made on the pre-made body. Tattoo on the chest is removable. If you are looking for a gift for boxing man or boxing lover guys, this item is perfect to resemble his smiling face. He will be hugely stunned by such a funny boxing ... more info