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Details:This bobble head features a man in casual white suit and dancing excitingly on a rectangular base. Details like wrinkle on the clothes and button on the jacket are delicately made by the skillful hands. If you make it resembling your dance loving or party going friend, he will be thrilled by such a funny and personalized gift. It will definitely make a surprise hit on his birthday party or Christmas 2013.

Details:This bobble head depict a gloomy black death costume and taking a reaping hook over the shoulder. It includes details like retro lantern in hand and skull symbol on the chest. By making your friends grinning face atop, it will become a terrific personalized grim reaper gift. Do any of your friends like such type of death themed gift? If yes, just submit his photos, the talent artist will make him in to a funny and bobbling Grim Reaper.

Details:If there is a fan of motocross or a dirtbike rider in your life, he'll practically hear the hum of the bike's engine when you give him this funny personalized bobble head. This personalized dirt bike bobble head allows you to make it resemble your dirt bike buddyís smiling face. With the details like risen water and realistic engine, it will make stunning Christmas or birthday gift for you loved ones.

Details:Diving adventure is so cool that it attracts million of participants to queue up for the exciting journey. If there is a diver or a diving lover in your life, this personalized diver bobblehead is a perfect gift to impress him. It features a man in diving suit and full set of gears getting ready for the undersea explore. Details like the fins and pipes are delicately crafted by the skilled artists. If you it as a birthday or Christmas gift for ... more info

Details:You might like to surprise you dad with a unique and funny gift on this fatherís day. If yes, this personalized father bobblehead is a nice item to impress him. It depicts a father in sport jacket and casual pants, standing with hands on hip. Just send a photo, the artist will sculpt his likeness on the head and have it assembled on this casual dad body. It will thrill him up with high level likeness and strong detailing.

Details:If there is a dentist lady in your life, this personalized female dentist bobblehead is ideal to resemble her lovely face. It features a dental professional dressed in white coat and office skirt standing with one arm aside to hold the teeth brush. Whether it's placed in her office or at the front desk, it will represent her professional in a whimsical way. Itís perfect personalized gift for your favorite female dentist.

Details:This woman doctor bobblehead features a lady in white coat and blue pants standing casually with heads crossed in front of her. Details like the buttons on the coat and stethoscope around the neck are hand crafted by the skilled artists. If you make it resembling your doctors smiling face, it will become a chilling birthday or Christmas gift to surprise her. No matter she is a physician, surgeon or a nurse, she will love it and display it for ... more info

Details:All the horse rider or horse owner likes to have a customized gift of her and her favorite horse. Featuring a woman in knight costume and riding a strong white horse, this personalized horse rider bobble head is ideal gift to surprise the horse lovers. By making the bobble head replica her facial likeness, she will be thrilled by such a funny gift.

Details:Developed from Karate, Muay Thai and Western boxing, kickboxing is practiced by people for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport. In the recent years, it become popular among women fitness and self-defense clubs, thus more and more women are practicing kickboxing. If there is such a girl in your life, this personalized kickboxing bobble head doll is funny gift to resemble her yelling face. It will be a stunning birthday or ... more info

Details:We are so proud to offer this fireman bobblehead for the brave firefighters and the men, women, and children who honor them. It features a man in a full set of fireproof outfit and duty black boots standing majestically on a grey base. Details like the stripes on the uniform and laces of the boots are delicately crafted by the skillful hands. If you make it as a birthday for Christmas gift for your firefighter friend, it will make him amazed ... more info

Details:Fishing is a nice activity to spend ones spare time and enjoy the leisure moment of the holidays. If there is a fishing buddy in your life, this customized fisher bobble head is a cool item to have his face made atop. It features a man in white shirt and blue jeans, showing his prey proudly. Details like the green fish and water proof boots are elaborately sculpted by the finest bobble head craftsmen. If you make it as a birthday or Christmas ... more info

Details:If there is a formula one fan in your life, either he supports Michael Schumacher in Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel in Red Bull or Fernando Alonso in Renault, he will love this personalized formula one bobblehead. It features a man in red racing car driver uniform and taking a helmet under his arm. If you like to make a logo one the chest, just send us a picture for reference, we will make it on the uniform like the real one. With great likeness and ... more info

Details:This personalized guitarist bobble head features a musician in grey suit and black tie playing an electric guitar and getting obsessed in the delightful rhythm. Itís a terrific personalized gift to show your appreciation to your favorite guitarist or music lover. He will take a as an inspiring keepsake and display as his best desk companion.

Details:As the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class, samurai is considered as royal knight in traditional Japanese culture. Today, itís a very cool warrior character in anime for its samurai way teaching. If your friend is from Japan or just loves the oriental martial arts, this customized warrior bobble head is ideal personalized gift to resemble his serious face. This way, he will be thrilled by the high level likeness and details on the ... more info


Details:This bobble head depicts a flexible man in classic Bruce Lee yellow costume and showing his unique nun chucks skills. With mature craftsmanship, details like lace and marks on the shoes and muscle on the chest are exquisitely made by the light-handed artists. It is terrific personalized birthday or Christmas kungfu gift for material arts man. Do you have any martial arts loving friends in your life? If yes, just submit his photos, we will make ... more info

Details:If your friend is a male nurse or is a fan of the comedy drama Scrubs, this personalized make nurse bobble head is idea to resemble his smiling face. It features a man in full set of blue scrubs and standing straight on a black base. With the photo you provide, the skilled artist will sculpt the facial likeness on this body and make the head bobble. Itís a fabulous personalized gift for your nurse buddy.

Details:Looking for a special gift for your favorite male pianist or musician? This piano man bobble head is second to none to make the music geek pleased. In this pre-made body, the piano keys and chair and suit are hand crafted by the skilled craftsmen. If you make it as a birthday or holiday gift for your music loving friend, he will be hugely impressed by such a funny pianist bobble.

Details:Easy steps to place an order: 1. Upload your high resolution photos. 2. Select the hair color, eyes and skin colour for your bobblehead. 3. Advise your order requirements in the text field. 4. Checkout and place your order. or skip these steps and checkout directly, and then send us the photos via Email.


Details:Whether he is painting for the creative interior decoration or the original oil painting, this personalized painter bobble head is idea gift to resemble his smiling face. It features a man in taking a bucket of ink on one hand and a huge painting brush on the other hand. Details like the pigment on the overall and the texture of the brush are finely crafted by the finest artisans. If you make it as a Christmas for birthday gift for your favorite ... more info

Details:Pirate is an odd but charming character in the comic books and movies. The most popular one is the Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. If your friend likes this type of movie, he will love to see his face moving atop this personalized pirate bobble head body. Just submit his photos, the artist will make him into a funny bobble plunderer.

Details:Wow, the 4 ACES are hot!! This customized poker bobble head is ideal gift for your favorite poker buddy. Ether he like to play poker on line or in the casino, it will make him looked like a professional gambler. It features a man in black tee and playing poker at a casino desk. Details like the chips and dices are delicately made by the skilled bobble artists. If you make it as a personalized for your gambling friend or poker buddy, the will be ... more info

Details:A police officer is a hero in our life. He is an ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor, and self-sacrifice. When it comes to show your appreciation to the policeman in your life, this police bobblehead will make a perfect personalized gift for your hero. It features a cop in police uniform and arming his gun to the public enemy. Details like badge on the chest and leather beat buckle are exquisitely ... more info