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Details:As a girl, itís normal to have the imaginations of being a princess. There are more than a few women who still feel like princesses in their heart of hearts. If you want to make your princess feel being loved, this funny personalized princess bobblehead is perfect to resemble her lovely face. Featuring a girl in beautiful pink princess dress and standing with hands holding on it, this bobble makes a playful, thoughtful and sentimental gift for ... more info

Details:This personalized royal knight bobblehead depicts a warrior in royal costume and taking a sharp sword to challenge the opponent. Itís ideal personalized gift for the comic fans who likes the knight characters or the most important man you hold dear. If you make it as a birthday or Christmas gift to surprise him, he will be thrilled by such a special a thoughtful knight him.

Details:If youíre looking for an exercise themed bobblehead for your favorite workout friend, this personalized jogger bobble is amazing to resemble his happy expression. It features a man in black sleeveless, casual pants and swinging his hands on jogging. Details like the laces on the sneaker and signs on the shirt are delicately hand crafted by the top artisans. If you make it as a personalized gift for your jogging buddy, he will be thrilled by such ... more info

Details:If there is someone only reminds you of the adjectives like clever, intelligent, bright, smart and handsome, this smart man bobble head is perfect to resembling his handsome face. It features a smart man in black suit and standing confidently with hands in the pocket. Details like black tie and button on the suit jacket are exquisitely sculpted by the skilled artisans. If you make it as a birthday or Christmas gift for your beloved, he will be ... more info

Details:The trendy girl not only like the fashion dress and bags, but also loves the funny and unique gifts. If you want to surprise your favorite fashion girl, this personalized stylish girl bobble head is ideal to resemble her confident face. It features a girl in a set of fashion dress and taking a handbag walking elegantly on a white base. By making your belovedís face bobbling atop, it will become a stunning birthday or Christmas gift for your ... more info

Details:Your loving teacher dedicates his life to make the next generation smart, happy, and successful. If you want to express your appreciation to him with a special gift, this customized teacher bobblehead is a perfect choice. It features a man in decent tie suit and taking two piece books and a briefcase in hands. With the photos you provide, the talented artist will make a fabulous personalized for your loving teacher. It will be a funny dťcor for ... more info

Details:If he likes to travel around or adventure into the wild, this personalized tourist bobble head is a nice gift to surprise him. It features a man in adventure shirt and hiking pants and outdoor sandal standing with one hand on hip. If you want to surprise your adventure friend with a funny and unique gift, donít hesitate to pick a photo of him and let the artist make a funny adventurer bobble for him. It will make him trilled by the cartoonish ... more info

Details:Either he like the WWE superstars like The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker or practice wrestling, this personalized wrestler bobble head will be perfect to resemble his face. It features a tough man in fully black wrestling outfit and standing mightily on a white base. Details like the boots and muscle shapes are finely hand made by the well trained artists in Bobbles CA. If you make it as an inspirational or ... more info

Details:If you are the type who is tired of the usual and common gifts, finding the right gift for a business man can be a challenge. In this case, a merchant bobblehead could be an option to make your gift personalized and unique. This business man bobble head features a busy man in light blue shirt and black pants talking to his customers on the phone. Details like black tie and pen in pocket are delicately crafted by the bobble head masters. If you ... more info

Details:This bobble head depicts a boy in a set of classic Santa costume and taking a teddy bear in hand. It seemed like he is getting excited for the coming of Christmas. Details like white cuffs and trim, attached black belt and buckle are carefully sculpted on the re-made body. You just need to pick a clear smiling photo of your boyís, the skilled artist will make him into a bobbling cute Santa. Why not make one and thrill him up on the celebrating ... more info


Details:The happiness of married life requires heart to heart communication and heart to heart serving attitude. This couple bobbleheds are designed with this moral. Depicting a couple taking a half piece of heart shape and piecing up a full heart shape, it looks romantic and cozy. If you want to you forego the common and monotonous gift for a personalized and funny keepsake to make the anniversary unique, this item is an ideal option. Just send the ... more info


Details:Looking for a funny gift for your favorite bicyclist or a cyclist? Want to make it unique and personalized? If yes, this customized cyclist bobble head is perfect personalized gift for your cycling buddy. By making it to resemble his smiling face, it will become a funny Christmas or birthday gift to cheer him up.

Details:If your friend is a detective, a cop or a fan of the spy novel and movie, this personalized detective bobble head is a great gift to resemble his serious face. It features a man in light blue shirt and grey pants taking a gun in a professional stance. With the photo you submit, the artist will make it bearing the likeness of your detective buddy. It will be make him looked look Joey Quinn in the Dexter.

Details:If you want to say thank you for your favorite doctors with a gift honoring his dedication to the medical profession and like to forgo the usual gift ideas, this doctor bobble head is perfect to make a unique and fun gift to show your appreciation. It features a man in white coat and black pants standing casually with hands in the pocket. Details like pen in the chest pocket and stethoscope around the neck is carefully sculpted by the light ... more info
Custom Dog /Cat Bobblehead

Custom Dog /Cat Bobblehead

Price:   $99.00


Details:This item allows you to make a one and only bobble head for your most loved pet. It could be a cat, a dog or other small animals. The pose could be standing, squatting, sitting or lying down. If there are any distinctive features we have to pay attention to, please advise it in the instruction box. In this way, the artist will make sure all the features are made, so that the result will meet your expectation. For any special feature like spot on ... more info

Details:Got a female musician? A girl heading to the stage? This singer bobble head will be a unique gift to celebrate the passion they have for music. It depicts a girl in peach shirt and crimson skirt, tapping her foot and singing freely in front of a microphone stand. Details on the microphone and shoes are carefully hand sculpted by the skilled artisans. If you make it as a personalized gift for musician or vocalist, it will be a funny, unique and ... more info

Details:This bobble head depicts a man in retro France national football team jersey and kicking the ball on the green field. Details like seaming on the football and stripes on the stockings are delicately carved on the pre-made body. It is perfect France football personalized gift for those who like soccer, especially the France soccer. If you make his head sculpted and moving on this vibrant body, he will be amazed by such a funny and personalized ... more info

Details:This customized funny chef bobblehead is the funniest personalized gift for your favorite cook. It features a French chef in white chef uniform stepping on a huge tomato and playing a huge spoon as a guitar. With the photo you provide, our excellent artist will make a fantastic joke gift for your favorite chef. Itís also a funny gift for your guitarist buddy.