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Details:Whether you want to send a package for the army guy serving away from home or find a military gift for someone who loves the army themed items, this personalized army officer bobblehead is perfect to resemble the recipientís face. It features an army officer in green shirt and camo style pants standing confidently with hands on his hips. Details like the whistle and army boots are finely crafted by the skilled sculptors. With the photo you ... more info

Details:This personalized basketball bobble head depicts a man in white and red basketball uniform and dribbling a ball to break into the offense opponents. The details like the impressed marks on the ball and the laces on the sneakers are exquisitely carved by the light handed bobble sculptors. If you make is a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift to surprise your basketball man on the special occasion, it will make a big surprise to cheer him up. ... more info

Details:Choosing a gift for a boss could be tricky. With the personalized boss bobblehead, you will be able to make it easy, funny and unique. It features a man in smart black suit and waving his hand to the colleagues. Details like the black tie and buttons on the suit are finely sculpted by the finest artists. With the clear photos you provide, the skilled artists will make it a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your respectable boss or manager.

Details:Based in Buffalo New York, Bills is a professional football team in NFL. It have been playing excellently in 1960ís and won two American Football League titles in 1964 and 1965. Though it has not been in the playoffs since 1999, the players are fighting hardly to break into the postseason games in 2013. Are there any Buffalo Bills football fans in your life? If yes, this football fanatic bobble head in Buffalo team jersey is perfect to resemble ... more info

Details:Before being overtaken by hockey, cricket was once the most popular sport in Canada and was so popular it was declared the national sport. Though itís not as popular as before, cricket is now the fastest growing sport in Canada. If there is a cricket player in your life, this personalized cricket bobblehead is perfect to resemble his face. It will make a handsome personalized to surprise him on his birthday or the coming Christmas.

Details:Whether to celebrate a monumental achievement or special occasion like birthday anniversary, holidays or the medical school graduation, this personalized doctor bobblehead is perfect gift to resemble your favorite doctorís smiling face. It features a doctor in professional white coat and standing confidently with hands in the pockets. Details like the medical clipboard and stethoscope are finely carved by the light-handed artists. If you make it ... more info

Details:Based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, New York Giants is a famous football team in NFL. All the games played MetLife Stadium attracted a huge population of football fans, because they play really good in the league. This custom football fans bobble head is exactly designed for those fans. Is there a NY Giants fan in your life? If yes, this customized Giants bobble head is ideal to resemble his face. He will love it and keep it as his favorite ... more info

Details:Scarface is a crime film produced by Martin Bregman in 1983. Though it was objected by many Cuban expatriates in Miami, it is now considered a classic within the mob film genre. This personalized Scarface bobble head is designed based on the character Tony Montana in the movie. If you send your fiends photo to us, the artist will make him into a bobble Scarface.

Details:Want to surprise your girl with an amazing gift? She is sexy? Want to make it personalized? This customized sexy beach woman bobblehead will definitely make her thrilled. It depicts a lady in sexy pink bikini and sitting on the sand-like base gesturing a victory sign. With the beach umbrella aside, the whole item is perfect to surprise your sweetheart.

Details:If you want to surprise your African buddy with a funny and personalized gift, this Hip-hop/Rapper style customized African bobblehead is superb to resemble his face. It features a black man in black shirt and baggy jeans standing coolly with hands in the pocket. If you make it as a Christmas or birthday gift for your African friend, he will rap and chuck for getting such an amazing gift.

Details:All the baseball stars have their own bobblehead. If there is a MLB fan in your life, making a personalized baseball bobble head for him will make him looked like a professional baseball player. This custom outfielder bobble is nice to make it true. It features a man in classic white and red themed baseball uniform ant catching the ball hit by the batter. Details like the baseball glove and shoes are delicately sculpted by the finest bobble ... more info

Details:If there is a MLB baseball fan in your life, this custom bobblehead baseball player is perfect to resemble his facial features. It depicts a man in traditional baseball uniform and making an accurate swing to hit the baseball. Details like the ball attached on the bat and leg guard gear are delicately hand made by the excellent bobblehead artists in Bobbles Ca. If you make it as a birthday or Christmas gift for your baseball loving buddy, he ... more info

Details:If your girl likes going to beach to enjoy the sun shine and breeze, this customized sexy beach girl bobblehead is an incredible to surprise her. It features a girl in pink and white playsuit and standing with one hand on her hip. Details like the flip-flop and sexy body are finely carved by the skilled artisans. If you make it as a funny gift for your girl, she will be stunned by such a thoughtful gift idea.

Details:If you want to create a personalized and thoughtful businessperson gift for the special occasion or achievement, this personalized businessman bobble head is a brilliant gift idea. It features business man dressed in smart black suit, blue tie and standing confidently with one hand in the pocket. If you send us a photo, our talented artisans will pick the facial features from it and make a funny and personalized bobble head for your favorite ... more info

Details:Camouflage jacket, blue jeans, super start sneaker and a microphone. Do these remind you of someone in your life? If yes, this bobble head is the one to make him surprised. Featuring a man in camouflage jacket and gesturing with Hip-hop moves, this personalized rapper bobblehead will make your hip-hop friend dance and sing. Just send us a clear photo, we will make a funny hip-hop style bobble exclusively for your YOYO buddy.

Details:This personalized casual man bobble head is a nice gift for those who loves the casual life style. It features a man in white vest jacket, black shirt and blue board short, gesturing in a victory sign. Details like the laces on the shoes are exquisitely crafted by the skillful hands. Itís a fabulous personalized gift for father, husband on any significant occasion.

Details:Cheerleading includes tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers and stunting. Itís is currently one of the fastest growing sports in Canada. Is there a cheerleader in your life? Or someone who loves to be in the cheer team? If yes, this personalized cheerleader bobblehead is a nice gift to resemble her smiling face. It features a girl in very classic sexy cheerleader uniform and taking two black pom-poms dancing by kneeling on the base. Itís very funny and ... more info

Details:This ancient Chinese bobble head depicts a man in yellow traditional Chinese robe and taking a long writing brush and a short sword in hands. The items in hand symbolize the oriental literal culture and martial arts - kungfu. Both are the soul of Chinese culture. If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for your Chinese friend and want to make it unique, this kungfu bobble head is ideal to resemble his smiling face.

Details:If your loved one is from China or loves the Chinese culture, this personalized Chinese man bobble head is nice gift to resemble his smiling face. It features a man in pink traditional Chinese costume standing confidently on a black base. All the Chinese guys will love to see his funny face bobbling atop such a funny bobble head body.

Details:If you want to make a unique a funny gift for your favorite girl on this Christmas, this Ms, Santa personalized bobble head is ideal to resemble her smiling face. It depicts a girl in Christmas robe and taking a big sack of Christmas gifts for the kids. Apart from the figurine, the log cabin, Christmas tree and snowman are delicately sculpted on the base. If you make it bearing the likeness of your friends, it will become her best Christmas gift ... more info

Details:If this personalized city scooter bobble head reminder you of some one in your life, it will make a fun gift to thrill him up. It features a man riding a yellow scooter in the city way. Detail like the road sign and lawn are delicately crafted by the finest artists. With the photo you supply the artist will create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to surprise your scooter buddy.

Details:This personalized guitarist bobble head is ideal Christmas or birthday gift for those who have made music a hobby or a passion. Depicting a man in red shirt and blue jeans, enjoying his guitar performance with his foot tapping along with the joyful rhythm, itís perfect to bear the likeness of your favorite guitarist. In the pre-made model, the guitar strings and belt are delicately hand crafted by the highly stilled artisans. Just submit a ... more info

Details:If you are looking for a funny and meaningful gift for your dad or husband, this daddy and teddy personalized bobble head is a perfect item to resemble his smiling face. It features a man in formal black suit and taking a teddy bear in his hand. If you make it as a joke gift for the kidís father on his birthday, fatherís day or Christmas, he will be thrilled by such a meaningful and playful bobble him.

Details:If there is a Dallas Cowboys fan in your family, there will be no problem to make this personalized Cowboys fan bobblehead to resemble her smiling face. Standing proudly with a foam finger in the left hand and a bottle of beer on the other one, itís a fantastic football gift to the Cowboys fans. Just a few clicks to upload the photos, the artist in Bobbles will make it into a mini her. Itís easy and full of fun.

Details:Drummer plays an influential role in a Rock N Roll band as he provides a beat and emphasizes the other instruments and vocals. If you want to show your love to this significant guy in your favorite band, this personalized drummer bobblehead is perfect gift to resemble his face. It features a drummer performing by beating the drums and cymbals. If you have it to resemble your favorite drummerís serious face, it will become an extremely cool gift ... more info

Details:This funny and funky custom electric guitarist bobble head is definitely a thrilling rock gift to strike a cord with any rock fan. If you friend is a fan of rock n' roll or really a rock musician, he will love to have this guitar man bobble with his face moving atop. It features a man in classic black and white striped long sleeve and playing a electric guitar with bear feet. Itís cool enough to rock your favorite music lover.

Details:Here comes the King of Rock and Roll!! Itís Elvis Presley? Not really, it could be you or your friend. Just send us a photo, we will make this Elvis themed bobble head to resemble the real person. If you want to surprise your favorite Elvis fan with something funny and meaningful, this bobble is second to none to thrill him up. It rocks and it bobbles.

Details:If you want to make your gift fashion, funny and personal, this personalized fashion man bobble head is second to none to make a big hit. It features a man in leather jacket, white scarf and carrying and fashion handbag on his shoulder. If you make it to resemble your fashion buddyís face, it will make a stunning gift to surprise him.

Details:Featuring an elegant lady in royal blue bobtail and dedicating for her piano performance on the stage, this customized bobbling head doll is ideal personalized gift for female musicians, pianists or piano learners. Just send us a clear photo, the artist will crave her likeness on the face and make a graceful pianist bobble head to surprise the recipient. She will love it and keep it as a treasure on the piano desk.

Details:Singing is the language of the soul. Is there a singer in your life? Or someone who likes to sing? If yes, this personalized singing girl bobble head is ideal to resemble her lovely face. It depicts a girl singly joyfully one her stage debut. Details like the tapping leg and microphone are delicately crafted by the light-handed artisans. Just send a photo, all the sculpting works will be done by the finest artisans.